BCW: WaxVac Commercial Parody

OK, so once in a while one of us (usually P4) will find something amusing on the internet and will share it with the rest of the Tam Team so that we can all have a good laugh. The WaxVac commercial was one of those things.

In an attempt to make that silly infomercial relevant to Tam Team Adventures, I drew some key scenes of the commercial with characters from the comic! The best part was probably deciding which character should play which role in the commercial XD

I didn’t get to finish all the scenes that I wanted to (Lex was supposed to be in there too, I promise!) because I only gave myself a week to do them (I didn’t even finish all the backgrounds or get to the shading in the last two), but I think I’ll continue working on them as a side project. Ultimately I’d like to completely animate the commercial…but we’ll see how that goes 😉


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