BCW: “Moon Lambing” Screenshot

Back in January, the Tam Team did a game jam! The goal was for each of us to create a complete game, art and code and all other assets, within the month. This is a screenshot from my entry, “Moon Landmbing,” which is a little platformer about a sheep named Sunny who is trying to get to the moon.

This post is to prove to you all that, despite what is depicted in this comic most of the time, Tamarac Apps does indeed do actual game dev.



3 thoughts on “BCW: “Moon Lambing” Screenshot

    • No one else finished theirs! 😛 But they all started something at least; one 2D RPG adventure, one where you’re riding an inner tube and avoiding obstacles in a river, and one where “zombie” rabbits chase you (actually they looked like cute little plushies to me haha).


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