BCW: Limited Color Palette — Nini



5 thoughts on “BCW: Limited Color Palette — Nini

  1. I love it! She looks like she will do anything for finding the buried treasure! Maybe it’s candy, or cinnamon rolls… Or better yet, a drawing table.

    I was thinking (a dangerous pasttime for me somedays)…maybe you and I could try some sort of art trade soon? (We can work out the details once we decide if this is a good idea or not.)


    • A drawing table sounds like a fantastic treasure to search the seven seas for! And cinnamon rolls, yuummmm~

      I would be most delighted to do an art trade with you 🙂


      • Sounds like treasure we’d all sail for!

        Really? Cool 🙂 I could try…hm, let me think a bit…

        Drawing your avatar in my style?


      • Hm… Maybe Dimentio from “Super Paper Mario”? (His official appearance is never solidly defined except for in shapes and polygons, so that allows for any adaptation of the character.)


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