016 Poor Planning

We’re sorry, but at present we have no need for a skipping dandelion. We’ll contact you if a position opens up in the future.

**SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT** The first Bonus Content Wednesday will be posted next week! Now, in addition to a new comic every Friday, there will be some extra fun stuff every Wednesday, such as Concept Art, Food Recommendations, Character Q&As*, and more!

*If you have a question that you’d like to ask a character, leave a comment anywhere! You can also tweet your questions to @TamTeamStina (there’s a nifty widget at the bottom of the page)! Any characters from the comic are fair game, as well as any characters from Flower Power! Your questions might be answered and featured on Bonus Content Wednesday!


4 thoughts on “016 Poor Planning

  1. It must have been terrible to work so hard on an animation only to have it not be used in the actual gameplay segments.

    Also, I have a question for P4. What is your favorite game series?


    • Haha, well it was mostly my own fault for animating something that wasn’t on our To Do list ^^; Still good practice, I guess 🙂

      Okay, added your question to be answered in a future Q&A! Feel free to ask more at any time 🙂


    • That’s a good idea, I wish we’d thought of it 🙂 The game doesn’t really have any sort of loading screen, now that I think about it…

      We did manage to find a nice place for the animation on the credits page, though!


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