011 Bright Idea

If Apple advertises 10 hours of battery life then I will MAKE SURE I get 10 hours of battery


3 thoughts on “011 Bright Idea

  1. Wait, you can turn the screen brightness down to save battery?! Why didn’t I know of this?! How do you do it? I. Must. Know. Gosh, I feel so behind on technology now. Then again, I don’t really use my Apple stuff very often… But I still want to know. The more battery time the better. 🙂


    • I’m not sure if the amount of battery saved is significant (probably depends on what you do on your device), but there should be an option in the settings to adjust brightness. If you have iOS 7, you can open the control panel by swiping up from the very bottom of the screen.


      • Thanks! I found it. 🙂 I’m not really sure what I have, it’s one of the older iPhones. My brother-in-law got it for me for Christmas a few years ago. 🙂


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