006 Know Your Fruits

Pro Tip: Brush up on basic knowledge of tropical fruits.


2 thoughts on “006 Know Your Fruits

  1. Poor P4. Does he not like all fruits, or are there some that he does like? And I would have probably had to ask what it was too. I’ve seen and eaten mangoes before, but I’m not sure if I could recognize them right off. Does P4 have a blog?


    • Generally he doesn’t like any fruits at all, but I’ve seen him make exceptions for some foods that contain fruits (mixed berry scones, for example).

      I realize that not everyone is as familiar with fruits like mangoes, but it was shocking to us that P4 didn’t recognize it because his mom (and many others in his family) eat mangoes all the time. It definitely shouldn’t have been the first time he’s seen one! 🙂

      Nope, he doesn’t have a blog.


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